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by Susie Slanina with Artwork by Paul Bunch

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 Metro Comes Home ( Book I )


Also On Amazon and Kindle!

Meet Metro! When seventeen-year-old Sherry decides to adopt a shelter puppy, she has no clue that her life will change forever. It’s love at first sight for both of them! Metro helps plant a veggie garden with ladybugs and worms, takes a walk at midnight, and even goes ballroom dancing. Feel the puppy love!


Metro Goes To Hollywood ( Book II )

Also On Amazon and Kindle! Metro meets the glamorous Marguerite, Sherry's best friend since Kindergarten. Metro gets Playmate, a friendly kitty, to play with. The girls take Metro to Hollywood where she sings at an opera. Hilarity ensues as the crowd goes wild. Metro gives her "Metrograph" to fans with her paw print on their Playbills and sings with a waiter at a famous Hollywood restaurant.   

Metro Goes Stargazing ( Book III ) 

Also On Amazon and Kindle! Metro graduates with honors from Puppy Kindergarten and gets a tiara for Miss Congeniality. She takes a trip out to the desert for a night of stargazing and sees Saturn through a telescope. That night, Sherry has a dream that she and Metro tap dance on Saturn's rings. Marguerite, Lori, and Sherry reap the harvests of the vegetable garden and have a backyard BBQ and campout. Marguerite reads scary stories in the tent. Metro helps Sherry make a big decision which surprises everyone. Especially Sherry!


(ON AMAZON, THIS BOOK HAS BEEN COMBINED WITH METRO GOES STARGAZING.)Metro gets two Forever Friends! Tawny is a coppery colored doggy who always barks twice and Gizzy is a white dog whose eyes are bigger than Malted Milk Balls. Marguerite and Sherry take the dogs up to the mountains and Sherry realizes she doesn't want to leave. She tries to convince glamorous Marguerite to go camping, but Marguerite's idea of "roughing it" is a five star hotel. 

Complete Set of 4 Metro Books $32.00

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Metro Goes Retro! ( Book V ) Illustrated by Shane and Ariel Kwiatkowski

Want more Metro? MANUSCRIPT!! It's a hot July night and Sherry can't sleep. It's 3 a.m. and she starts to read to Metro, but after the first line she becomes a little girl of seven years old! The year is 1958 and she is at Disneyland with her parents and Metro. The rest of the gang also make appearances in this fanciful dreamscape. Lori and Marguerite swim with the swans. "Was it all a just dream?" Sherry wonders. She peers closely at Metro. There, on Metro's tiny black nose, is a mysterious clue.

Metro Goes Retro Bilingual Coloring Book

This bilingual English/Spanish coloring book condenses the story of the full length book, "Metro Goes Retro." Children can learn Spanish at the same time as they follow Metro's adventures throughout Disneyland. Based on the author's memories of Disneyland circa 1958.

Was it all a dream? There, on Metro's nose, is a tiny bit of pink cotton candy. What do you think? Was it a dream ... or not?

Fue todo un sueño?… pero Metro tiene en su nariz, restos de algodón de azúcar rosado. Que crees? Sera que todo fue un sueño… o una realidad?