A True Love Story

The tiny puppy.  Helpless.  Eyes clouded over.  Nuzzling, cuddling with new Forever Friend.  Both hearts thumping.  The Love Story begins.

Becomes the young pup, roly-poly, playful, mischievous

Becomes the young dog, frantically pulling at the leash

Becomes the junior dog, trotting in front, pom-pom tail swaying

Becomes the stately dog, walking proudly at your side

Becomes the noble dog, lagging a bit behind

Becomes the dignified dog, hobbling bravely, short walks

Becomes the carried dog, looking up at Forever Friend.  Nuzzling, cuddling,  both hearts thumping.

Becomes the elder dog. Helpless.  Eyes clouded over. The Love Story remains.

Becomes the beloved memory....the love story lives on.

Becomes the wise teacher, illuminating the sad, sweet circle of life. The Love Story is never over.


  Metro, two days before she died at age 15. The love light still shining in her eyes.