Susie Slanina - Author

Susie Slanina lives in Vancouver, Washington with her current crew of four shelter dogs:  Tawny (17), Fuzzy, Shweetie, and Bojoe.  She also has four cats:  Bunny, Peacey, Smokey and Snowball.  She shares the fun of being surrounded by pets with her friend Alan.  Her interests include writing about Metro and Metro's friends, reading, nature, yoga, Dakota Dog Park, book clubs, and exploring the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

Covina High School class of 1970
Mt. San Antonio College 1974 AA Early Childhood Education
Cal State Los Angeles 1976 BA English
Sion Hill College, Dublin, Ireland.  Montessori Teacher's Training 1978-1979

Worked at California State University, Los Angeles 23 years. Admission Evaluator.
Retired 2002 at age 50 to spend more time with pups at a small cabin in Big Bear.
Moved to Vancouver, Washington in 2007 primarily for the rain.

"Rain is Mother Nature's Paintbrush" 

Ellen Satra - Metro's First Illustrator

Since becoming a part of Metro The Little Dog's team, I have come to know an inspiring tale of loyalty, love, and hope.  Susie and I have become good friends since jumping in on this project together.  Being a lover of children's books, and having a soft spot for animals, illustrating for the Metro series has become a fun adventure.  It has been years since I've done any extensive drawings, but when I asked Susie if she had an illustrator and she didn't, it was a perfect time to pick up my pencil again.  I'm glad she brought me on board!
Being a busy woman, with many activities going on, as well a family to take care of, I must say that drawing has become one of my favorites.  As I read and draw Susie's stories, I in turn learn of what a magical feeling it is to have an animal friend and am reminded of the important part they play with us in the world whether as a pet, a service animal, or running in the wild.  We receive help, companionship, and inspiration from them.  Much of what is written in these stories are based on actual events that I enjoy hearing about from the author!  I am looking forward to future Metro books.

Some other activities I am currently involved with include rock climbing, writing, and graphic design. Taking care of my family is my pride and joy, and they have been an integral part of Metro's journey. Thank you to my family, Metro, and Susie!

Holly Stokes - Voice of Metro


Holly Stokes, “The Brain Trainer” is the voice of Metro. Holly lives in the Pacific Northwest with her three furry friends: her husband, her cat Chupacabra, and her dog Moki.  As the “Brain Trainer,” Holly knows the importance of feeding our minds positive messages and she loves the stories of Metro as they reflect the simple joys of life and childhood fun. She operates Expanding Potentials, LLC with offices in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA helping busy professionals train their brain – and change old habits, negative thoughts and feeling patterns so they can accomplish their goals and live their best!


Voice of Metro