I could not stop smiling the entire time I read the book!


I just finished chapter 20 and am enjoying your story very much! It is sweet, touching, informative and I know this is coming from your heart!  Thank you for sharing it with me...I'm honored.


My 10 year old LOVES Metro's stories! She apparently can't put them down and is -on her own- sharing the adventures with kids in her class because she just thinks they are so great! :-)


Thanks for the new chapters.  I wanted to share with you what I saw this morning! Rebekah and I were out running a couple errands and when I came to one of the spot lights there was a Geo METRO sitting in front of me with a bumper sticker that said "Buy Fresh Buy Local".

I read your story and loved it! I remember when you got Metro and how you fell so hard in love. 

I loved having your wonderful book in my hands and reading it all in one sitting. I almost cried when i saw the pictures of Metro, that's how I remember her.

My girls have been taking turns reading your book to me at bedtime and we love it! Brooke wonders if you will teach her how to write like you do.

I read all of your book that you shared...and it is very endearing, sweet, and I love how you sprinkle bits of information that will help kids understand how what they do affects their environment, and others (including animals).:-)

This is so charming and sweet! I really think you have the makings of a new children's classic!